How to Write an A-Winning Movie Review?

What makes a great movie review? Writing one, you should inform, persuade, entertain, or share your original ideas about the piece. Your task is to reveal some key aspects of the film without describing a plot too much. Whether the movie you analyze is a masterpiece or a mediocre one, there is always something you can tell about it. Let’s learn how to make your reviews sound professional.  

Introduce the movie

Before you start to write an introduction, you should do a research. Add some basic facts like the director’s name, the year the film came out (and its title, of course), names of the main actors, and the genre. Present a piece in c couple of sentences and provide some compelling facts about it. To hook your readers, you can compare it to another film or event; make a radical critical claim; or simply provide the context.

Write the main part

  • Take notes

The chances are that you will have to watch this movie (or at least some scenes) a couple of times. Make notes while you watch it, essay writer facts, and use them to support your claims later.

It is easy to forget some crucial details, but your notes will help you keep everything in order. Write down everything that speaks to you – costumes, design, music, dialogues, etc. Reflect on these details and explain how do they work with the rest of the movie. What do they mean? Why the director uses them? If you believe that some key-phrases reveal the entire idea of the film – write them down as well. Note everything that seems to be necessary. You will bring your writings to the order later.

  • Avoid boring plot analysis

No, really. People like stories and they really need them in movies. However, a plot is just a part of the film and, to be honest, not the most exciting one. Of course, you will have to talk about the plot in your paper, but avoid making it the central point. A short overview is enough. Sometimes, movies have weak and straightforward plots but remain amazing because of the directors’ skills and ideas.

Keep an eye on cinematography, tone, sound, acting, etc. How does the director use colors? Are there any connections between colors and characters’ emotions? What about the frames, lighting, and rhythm? How do they support the story? Also, think about the overall atmosphere of the film. Is it heroic, lonely, cheerful? Some movies cannot skip sound and background music. If this is the case, pay your attention to this aspect. And, of course, mention the work of actors.

  • Movie mechanics

After analyzing the key components, think about how do they work together and what impression the entire film leaves.

  • Director’s decisions

Always remember about the director! Think about his/her ideas and how he/she explained them in a film. Were these ideas obvious or not? Maybe, there were unnecessary elements? Or the rhythm might have been too fast or too slow?

  • Cutting

Did the cutting help you build the story? Was it smooth or choppy? Were the cuts long or short? Think about the way film editing supports or obstructs the plot. Were there any innovative or original decisions?

  • Script

Talk about the script, dialogues, and story as a whole. Were the conversations exciting and strong enough? Do the spoken words make sense? Do you believe that the plot was engaging enough?

  • Location

Think about the setting. How does it influence the entire film? Was the location chosen successfully?

  • Conclude

Give your review a summary. Tie it back to the introduction paragraph and restate your thesis sentence. Mention the most critical claims you made before and wrap everything up. Don’t add any new facts or quotations in the last paragraph.

  • Proofread it carefully

Don’t forget to check your paper for uniqueness and grammar mistakes before you submit it. Instead of doing this manually, top essay writing service review visit and enjoy free inline tools for plagiarism check, formatting, proofreading, and researching. After you are done with all preparations, submit your paper, or share it online. That’s all! Happy watching and reviewing!

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